Water on the Agenda is a project dedicated to putting water issues and water rights on the international agenda. Water is essential for human survival, but in many parts of the world this precious resource is under pressure.

WOA is a project that seeks to increase awareness around water issues. This project is meant to be an arena for education and information by using different formats to present research and data on water issues and water rights. Also the project seeks to raise more awareness by putting pressure on actors to find good ways to deal with water issues. There is little talk about water scarcity and water related diseases. We are seeking to make this information available and to use it to pressure politicians and other actors to deal with these pressing issues.


Working as a channel that collects data on water rights, spreads information about who is respecting the right to water, and more importantly who is not, WOA urges debate and cooperation. Through education and dialogue this project is aimed at putting water on the agenda both nationally and internationally. The project will facilitate cooperation between different fields working with topics related to water and sanitation. Acting as an arena for interdisciplinary cooperation and dialogue, WOA is an attempt to seek new ideas for how to approach the ongoing water crises and politics around water and sanitation. We seek action that will have a positive impact for the environment, especially regarding water.